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Monday, March 17, 2014

What To Do With Empty Essential Oil Bottles

Anyone who uses essential oils regularly knows how PAINFUL it is to throw away an empty essential oil bottle. I just CRINGE, every time I toss an empty bottle into the recycle bin. I think, "there's got to be something I could do with these!" But, until now, I've just let them go...which is REALLY HARD for a do-it-yourself-er.

BEHOLD! An answer to our prayers! An easy way to reuse these little treasures. It's so simple!

First things first.....

Start a collection jar for all of your empty bottles. I picked up this little glass mason jar canister at the Goodwill for $2. Can't beat that.


Each week, select your choice of essential oils for a detox bath. This week, I picked my empty Spark Naturals Patchouli and my Spark Naturals Peppermint bottles from the empty bottle stash. Scoop 1-2 cups of epsom salt or magnesium flakes into a container that can be covered. Then, use a spoon to pry off the plastic dripper thingy from the essential oil bottle opening (Save the essential oil covers!)

Now, dunk your empty bottles into the epsom salts/magnesium flakes. Cover the container and store in a cool, dark place for 1 week.

One week later....

Fish out your container from your storage spot and remove the empty essential oil bottles from the container. Now draw a hot bath and pour your newly scented epsom salt/magnesium flakes into the running water, along with 1 cup of baking soda and hop in! ENJOY a 40 minute soak to get the most of your detox bath.

Wait just one minute...
Don't throw away those essential oil bottles now that you've used them to make your detox bath...NOPE. Put the covers back on (this is why I told you to save the covers in the first step) and put them back into your empty bottle storage jar. You can use them a few more times in the future for more detox baths like this. OH YEAH! 

Don't have any empty essential oil bottles...

Not a problem! Here is a link to a blog post I put together that will show you how to create your detox bath using essential oils (not the empty bottles).  CLICK HERE to go to the Detox with Magnesium Flakes and Essential Oils Blog Post. 

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