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Monday, September 21, 2015

Cold and Flu Kit Are On Sale!

Cold and Flu Kit are On Sale This Week!

With the kiddos back in school and fall beginning...there is a beast on the horizon; the dreaded cold and flu season. BLAH! Nip that baby in the butt and start your essential oil regiment! Luckily, Spark Naturals has their Cold and Flu Kit on SALE this week for 10% off to help you. You can also use my coupon code CURLY to save an ADDITIONAL 10% off. That's 20% off kids! YEAH!

The kit includes:
5mL of Melaluca (tea tree)
5mL of Shield
5mL of Oregano
5mL roller bottle

Get on it!

coupon code: CURLY

Monday, September 14, 2015

Carrier Oils on Sale This Week!

All carrier oils are on sale this week for 15% off!

PLUS, use coupon code CURLY to save an EXTRA 10% off your carrier oils this week! Giving you a whopping 25% off!!

Carrier Oils are what we use to apply Essential Oils to our skin. It helps "carry" them across our skin so more evenly spread out the oils. PLUS, it keeps the essential oils from evaporating as fast! WIN WIN!

My personal favorite is Fractionated Coconut Oil. It's coconut oil but in a permanently liquid form. It's so versatile, I use it in ALL of my essential oil items! Plus, it makes a great moisturizer for dry skin on your hands or face (don't worry...it doesn't clog pores!)

Order: www.sparknaturals.com?id=243
**Carrier Oils are in the "E-Spa" section
Coupon Code: CURLY
(Get an EXTRA 10% off the already 15% reduction!--that's 25% off)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Jeddy's Blend is On Sale PLUS, A FREEBIE!

Jeddy's Blend is on sale at www.sparknaturals.com, PLUS you will get a 10mL glass roller bottle if you order! What a deal!

Jeddy's Blend has been a life saver for my family when it comes to behavior issues and focus for our oldest son. He has benefited from the effects of using Jeddy's Blend every day for the past three years. Read his story HERE.

When you order your Jeddy's Blend this week, not only will you cash in on the new reduced price, but you'll receive a free 10mL glass roller bottle AND you can use my coupon code (CURLY) at checkout to receive ANOTHER 10% off your order! ENJOY!!!