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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Miracle of Jeddy's Blend....A Mother's Testimonial

Since Jamie went on winter break from school, I haven't been putting his "medicine" on him (Jeddy's Blend). I figured..."Oh, well he's not in school so everything will be just fine." Not to mention we ran out of Jeddy's Blend on the 23rd.

Today, Ryan (my hubby) and I noticed a HUGE issue with Jamie. He started having a few little melt downs since Christmas night...we didn't think anything of it because of all the excitement, but today, Jamie could hardly keep eye contact for more then a few seconds, was super scatter brained, running on his last fume at all moments and just couldn't hold his calm. He was moody...jumping from happy, to sad, to frustrated to almost....well, teenager like (not cool for a kid who hasn't made it to the age of 8). Even my mom noticed something wasn't right with Jamie today when she stopped by. Thank goodness I still had a jar of Jeddy's Blend Salve I made for Jamie. It's what I usually send with him on sleepovers to my mom's house so we don't have to transport a roller bottle of the Jeddy's.

 I promptly slathered the salve all over Jamie's feet, wrists and neck. You should have seen him lying on his bed while I massaged the salve onto his feet. Just this overwhelming sense of calm rolled over his body. Even he knew that he needed his "medicine." 

Jamie and Ryan then went to St. Paul for the Choo Choo Bob's Train Expo for the day as my mom and I spent the afternoon chit chatting and folding my mound of laundry. As soon as Ryan and Jamie returned, I practically darted to the door to look at Jamie and to ask Ryan how he did. I could tell IMMEDIATELY, that Jamie had "changed." He was smiling, excited to tell me about meeting Sir Topham Hat and that he feels much better...."I feel much calmer" were his exact words. 

Ryan reported that Jamie was fabulous at the Train Expo. He had a great time, was calm and happy the whole time without feeling over stimulated.

Before I jumped on the computer, I asked Jamie to help me pick up some of the dryer sheets that were sitting on the floor from folding the laundry. His response a few days ago would have been a loud growl. Tonight, it was "Sure, mommy!"

Thank you Jeddy's Blend and Spark Naturals!!

If you have a child who suffers from ADHD, ADD, or Autism and has similar symptoms to Jamie....
PLEASE try Jeddy's Blend!! It WORKS!!! 

Links to previous posts on how to apply Jeddy's Blend:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday 2013

Hey Ladies!

This year, I was totally lazy. I didn't bother with Black Friday shopping. The only shopping I did on Friday was at CVS when I went and picked up buy one, get two free laundry detergents and 2 cases of TP. Exciting!

I have practically none of my gifts purchased or even picked out for this Christmas season. How many of you are in this boat?

I'm doing most of my shopping online, and today (being Cyber Monday and all) seems like a great day to share some jazzy deals I've found! Here ya go!:

Spark Naturals
Today is the last day to get free shipping on all orders! Plus, if you spend $25 or more, you receive a FREE bottle of Tangerine Essential Oil! YUM!
You can also use my coupon code CURLY to save another 10%!
This is an AWESOME deal and is a great way to get some special gifts for loved ones!
Pick Your Plum
Everyday, Pick Your Plum offers new deals! When I say deals, I mean DEALS! Like up to 96% off of some really fun stuff....stuff that is awesome for gift giving! Scarfs, shoes, hats, craft supplies, jewelry! Really! It's amazing! Be sure to check out what they have going on right now! They also have free shipping on orders over $25!
Curly's Owl Parliament (Etsy Shop)
This may be a shameless plug, but oh well! In my Etsy shop, I am offering 20% off select products, including all birds nest necklaces and floral name badge clips now through Cyber Monday. The name badge clips make awesome gifts for co-workers, and teachers! Guess what my son's teachers are getting this year!? YEP!

I have a ton of blogs I follow, but my favorites are Camp Wander, One Good Thing By Jillee and Created2Fly. They all have AWESOME DIY ideas for gift giving! Here are links to some of my favorite DIY projects on each of their blogs:
One Good Thing By Jillee
DIY Essential Oils Pendant Diffuser

DIY Crockpot Soap
Camp Wander

All Natural Healing Salve! EASY!

All Purpose Healing Sticks! Perfect Co-Worker Gifts!


Created 2 Fly
Save the work! Created2Fly has premade essential oil labels!
Perfect for labeling your roller bottle gifts!
Curly Loves Essential Oils
Here's a link to another post here on my blog!
It's got a TON of great DIY options for Christmas gifts!

I hope this blog helps you shop successfully this
Cyber Monday! ENJOY!!



Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY Liquid Xanax Essential Oil Blend

Spark Naturals is currently offering the LXR (aka Liquid Xanax) in the Sanity Saver Kit or as an individual blend HERE.

If you are only interested in the LXR (Liquid Xanax), you can make it yourself by combining two Essential Oils from Spark Naturals: Bliss and Zen.This is a great idea if you already have these two oils on hand!

Here is what you will need:
Simply fill the roller bottle with half Bliss and half Zen. Cover and shake. You are good to go! All of these items can be purchased by clicking on the links above. Be sure to use coupon code CURLY to save 10% on your purchases from Spark Naturals.

LXR is designed to ease the suffering of Anxiety, Depression and Emotional Stress. It's a calming formula that is applied to the bottom of your feet, chest, brain step (back of your neck by the bottom of your skull) and your wrists. Apply daily if you suffer from anxiety, depression or emotional stress regularly, or apply at the first signs of an emotional event.

Another great way to use LXR (Bliss and Zen mix we talked about above) is to add it to a diffuser! Spark Naturals has these amazing diffusers in stock and ready to ship. They are beautiful and are a great way to get all the benefits of essential oils without having to rub them on your body. I have a few favorites: Zaq Dew and Zaq Mirage. Both can be purchase from Spark Naturals. Looking for a day time diffuser, go with the Dew (4-5 hour diffuser). Looking for a night time diffuser, go with the Mirage (8-10 hour diffuser).

  Information About What Bliss and Zen Are:

Details about Bliss Blend:
Spark Naturals has created Bliss, a proprietary blend of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vanilla.  This is a great blend to use throughout the day as stress and anxiety rise. Diffuse at bedtime or apply to the bottom of your feet to assist in peaceful, resting sleep.

Details about Zen Blend:
A masterful grounding blend of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy and frankincense designed to promote clarity, calmness and an overall feeling of good and peace. Zen is un-cut meaning that Spark Naturals does not use a carrier oil or dilute the product in any way.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All Natural Skin Tag Removal with Oregano Essential Oil

Who hasn't ever had a skin tag? Like, for real? It's just naturally something that occurs from skin rubbing on other skin or on clothing. Not much you can do to avoid them, but I have noticed some people are more prone to getting them then others.

For instance, Burty (that's my hubby) has a few around his collar line. He has had this one big one since before we first met (9 years ago). I hate it, and so does he. This stupid thing will NOT go away! I always thought they just eventually fall off on their own, but apparently not this one. If there was a nuclear strike on the Earth, the only things left would be cockroaches and this stinkin' skin tag. I'm tellin' ya!

I found out that Oregano Essential Oil is an all natural skin tag remover! WHO KNEW! So, I ordered a 5mL bottle of Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil HERE and a Spark Naturals small roller bottle HERE. I patiently waited a few days and jumped up and down clapping my hands when it arrived in the mail. I quickly filled the roller bottle with the entire contents of the Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil and gave it to Burty to use every morning and every night. All you have to do is roll a generous amount onto the skin tag and let it be. Nothing else. I did learn that Oregano Essential Oil is photosensitive so it's important NOT to apply it when your body is hot from a shower/bath or if the area will be exposed to the sun. It can turn your skin brown. So, yeah....

Burty started using the Oregano Essential Oil about a month ago. He and I have noticed a significant decrease in size of the skin tag and have noticed it seems to be in the early stages of...dare I say it....FALLING OFF! WOOHOO! I'll keep you posted on the final result.

So, if you or someone you know has skin tags, give them a bottle of Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil and a small roller bottle. Tell to use it every morning and night (do not expose to heat or sun shine) and keep it up until that puppy falls off! DO IT!

Just a note, I know there are other ways to get rid of these things but the idea of going to a doctor, having it cut or burned off, getting a stitch or two (for the big ones)....just sounds horrible. Especially for kids! How much less traumatic would it be to gently rub the Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil on twice a day, then to cut it off either at home or at a doctor.... Right?

You can buy all the items you need to rid your body of these creepy skin balls by clicking the links within the paragraphs above.

Be sure to use coupon code CURLY to save 10% on your order with Spark Naturals. :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nasal Congestion and Essential Oil Inhalers

Geese honking? Jet plane flying over head? Lawn mower? No No...that's just Bridget blowing her nose....again. So, the big joke at work with my office mates is my constant nose blowing. I must have the most mucusy (not a word), swollen nose holes in the world. I am blowing my nose when I come in from outside, when I get done drinking something warm, when I'm standing still, when I'm sitting....okay okay, basically every minute of the day, I am blowing my schnoz.

I started looking into what I could take instead of my over the counter nasal inflammation/decongestant. I usually buy these little red pills from Target and have to take one every four hours to keep the nasal swelling down. Now, this doesn't really keep me from having to blow my nose, it simply dries out all my boogers and brings down the swelling so I can breathe out of my nose. Dry boogers equals "flappers" or "whistlers." HATE THOSE THINGS! There is nothing worse then blowing and blowing and blowing your nose and nothing comes out because those puppies are practically cemented to the wall of your nose. GROSS...period....exclamation point!!!!!

In my research, I found these little cuties called Aromasticks. My friend and I had a good laugh at first because they do NOT look like they go in your nose....eh um. Know what I'm sayin'?


They are blank inhalers that allow you to put whatever essential oil blend on the wick and make your own "Vicks Nasal Inhaler." They come in a TON of colors, too. Why not just buy a Vicks Nasal Inhaler? Well, they are $3.99 a pop or more, they are petroleum based and I don't know what else is in them. Literally. But, with the Aromastick Blank Inhalers, I can fill with an all natural essential oil and get the same relief...but healthier and cheaper. I ordered them! ON THE SPOT! Plus, I ordered a bottle of Spark Naturals Respire Blend. This blend is specifically made for respiratory issues. PERFECT for my plugged up nose issues.

Once the inhalers came, I put one of the wicks in the inhaler, dripped 5 drops of the Spark Naturals Respire Blend into in the inhaler onto the wick, put the butt cover on, twisted on the cap and shook it a few times to allow the essential oil to disburse over the wick. Good to go!

The best part? This thing literally lasts as much as 6 months! 6 months!!!? HOT DAMN that's awesome! My schnoz thanks you! Wondering what the Spark Naturals Respire Blend smells like? EXACTLY LIKE A VICKS INHALER! YES!

Here's a YouTube video on how to put this together. She uses a different essential oil, but you get the point:

So, go forth and condemn the "flappers", "whistlers," "bats in the cave"...
Be sure to use coupon code CURLY to save 10% at checkout, when ordering from www.sparknaturals.com

Click on the links within the paragraphs above to order these, or click the links below:
Here's the link to the Spark Natural's Respire Blend: http://sparknaturals.com/index.php/eob/respire-respiratory-blend.html

Here's the link to the Aromatic International Aromasticks Inhalers: http://www.aromaticsinternational.com/Blank_Inhalers

Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY Gifts for Chicks

This is the year to give the gift of wellness! I have decided that many of the gifts I give to my family and friends this year will be based on essential oils, in some way. Be that, handmade, or bought. What are some great gifts to give to family and friends that are inexpensive, useful, and LOVED! Anyone can buy a gift for someone, but if the recipient doesn't think it's useful or lovely, WHY BOTHER? I have always found great joy in giving gifts that have meaning to the people I love. It makes me so happy to see them love something I spent time making or picking out just for them.

That's what this post is all about! What are some great DIY gifts that your would love to give and love to receive. Let's get started!

All Natural Healing Salve
I started making the all natural healing salve from a recipe I found on Camp Wander. It's an amazing blog with GREAT essential oil ideas. The salve has worked wonderfully for my dry hands and feet but has also worked wonders on some of my friends psoriasis and chapped lips! It has amazing uses. You can find the original Camp Wander All Natural Healing Salve recipe and post here.
Bath Fizzies
Aren't these cool!? Who knew you could make something that every woman would love with a few simple products you can purchase through Spark Naturals (essential oils) and some general cooking supplies! This is way too cute! I found this recipe from The Thrifty Mama blog. Here's the original recipe for DIY Bath Fizzies.
Bees Wax Candles

These are just gorgeous and make a great gift to bring to the hostess for a Christmas Party. And sooooo simple! Check out the recipe from Oh Happy Day Blog here.
Vanilla Extract
Heck yes! DIY Vanilla Extract! Who knew it was this easy? And it includes BOOZE! HELLO? This is too good to be true! Check out the recipe here from Bethany Actually blog.

Dahlia Corsage
Isn't this darling? What a cute gift to give some of your lady friends at a Christmas gathering! My mom actually made these last year and they turned out WONDERFULLY! Here's the original instructions from Megan Reardon. Check out how some of the variations my mamajamma's made using wool felt below:

Flower Essential Oil Diffusers
Are these not the cutest!? My mom is actually making these too. Usually when I find something like this that I really want to make but know that I would totally F it up, I give it to my mom to do. I buy, she makes. It works! (LOVE YOU MOM!) Check out these step by step instructions from Jen's Ink Spot blog. She made them to be book marks, but on another blog I follow (Created2Fly) she makes something similar to this and uses it as an essential oil diffuser. Attach the paperclip to anywhere in your house or your car air vents, add a few drops of your favorite Spark Naturals Essential Oils, and you are GOOD TO GO!
DIY Essential Oil SMASH Book
I just think this is the coolest thing to give to someone who is starting to dabble in essential oils. Buy a SMASH Book Kit from a craft store (I bought mine at Michael's but they have them at Target too), print out all these great printables from One Good Thing by Jillee blog and put it together for them. OR...if you are lazy, you could just give them the SMASH Book Kit, printable from One Good Thing by Jillee and maybe a bottle of Lemon Essential Oil from Spark Naturals. Who wouldn't love that!?
Alrighty! Now, get to it! Make this Christmas less stressful and more meaningful with inexpensive, DIY gifts that your loved ones with LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Many Uses of Lemongrass Essential Oil


Lemongrass is one of those essential oils that I bought in a kit and never used. I could never figure out what to do with it, so I just ignored it. That's the spirit, right? Out of sight, out of mind. Hmm. Well, I decided that it's pretty pointless for me to have spent money on this essential oil and not find a way to put it to good use. So, I started my research. And what do you know!? It's good for a lot of stuff! Yes, STUFF!

Lemongrass can be used for:
  • digestive problems
  • stomach aches
  • diarrhea (my son calls it "pee-poop")
  • vomiting
  • sore throats
  • coughs
  • fevers
  • anxiety
  • calming insomnia
  • nervous disorders
  • vertigo
  • Alzheimer's
  • Parkinson's
  • high blood pressure
  • reducing fluid retention
  • athlete's foot
  • acne
  • tendonitis
  • sprains
  • broken bones
That's quite the list!

Have you ever seen what lemongrass actually looks like? It looks like green onions. You know those things that look like green straws with white deals at the bottom. THOSE! It's weird! Here's a picture!

Okay, so now that we know it's great for helping with all these things (and looks weird), how do we use it? Here's a breakdown for you, ma lady!

Lemongrass can be quite strong, so its important to dilute it with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil. Mix it in a roller bottle (50/50 mix) and roll it onto the affected area. This is a great method for skin ailments as well as mental ailments. For mental ailments like Alzheimer's, nervous disorders, vertigo, insomnia...etc., roll the mix on the bottom of your feet, toes (rub it in), on your wrists (rub it in) and the back of your neck (as close to the base of your skull as possible).

Lemongrass has a yummy sweet aroma that is very refreshing and soft. It is a great scent to diffuse with. Simply put a few drops in your essential oil diffuser and let it run all day for a nice smelling home and to reap the benefits without having to rub it on yourself. Diffusing lemongrass is a great way to help with anxiety, uplifting moods and calming insomnia.

Lemongrass is safe for consumption as long as you purchase a therapeutic grade like that from Spark Naturals. Suffering from the flu or a cold? Add 2-3 drops to a shot glass of water and chug it. Or, add 2-3 drops to some hot tea and honey and sip it. It tastes delicious (just like lemon).

Next Steps...
It's time to get the ball rolling. If you don't already own Lemongrass essential oil, pick some up for CHEAP from www.sparknaturals.com. Seriously! It's only like $5.99!
If you plan on using it topically, purchase a roller bottle and some fractionated coconut oil, too. Here's a list of what you will need. ANNNNDDDDD, be sure to use coupon code CURLY to save 10%! What a deal!
Here is what you'll need:


Monday, October 7, 2013

Jeddy's Blend Salve...YES! SALVE!

I have discovered my new favorite way to apply essential oils; in a salve! The typical Camp Wander All Natural Healing Salve recipe is amazing, not only for healing purposes (hence the name) but also for moisturizing. So, I've been lubricating my body with this loveliness day and night. It smells amazing and is a great way to heal the dry, cracks on my hands, as well as moisturize.

So, why would I NOT do the same for my family?

My son, Jamie was having some trouble focusing at school and keeping his attention on the books, so I started using Spark Naturals' Jeddy's Blend on him (and on myself for anxiety). I simply take a 1/8 oz roller bottle, fill it half full with Jeddy's Blend and half full with Fractionated Coconut Oil (all available from Spark Naturals by clicking the links) and apply it to certain areas of his body (and my body) each morning before school (or work). I apply it to his wrists, bottom of his feet and toes and to the back of his neck. When I rub it in, I use my wrists so I get the benefits without having to reapply it to myself. Pretty nifty, AHHH? We have noticed a HUGE improvement in his attitude, behavior and well...on his "smiley face" chart from school. YAY for "all smiley face days!" It's the little things, right? Okay...but anyways, back to the salve.

So, since my son really digs the smell of my all natural healing salve and loves the smell of his Jeddy's Blend, I thought it, "Why not put the two together?" Are you with me?

I brewed up a batch of all natural healing salve (original recipe can be read on my blog HERE or on Camp Wander's Blog HERE) and instead of adding the essential oils instructed for the healing salve (lavender, lemon and melaleuca), I added 20 drops of Jeddy's Blend! Okay, it smells SO FRIGGIN' GOOD! I am loving it! I mean...uh um...my son is loving it! Okay Okay, I made it for him, but I use it too. OKAY!? BUSTED!

Don't forget, when you order from www.sparknaturals.com, be sure to use coupon code CURLY to save 10%! WHAT A DEAL!

Here's what you do to make your own JEDDY'S BLEND SALVE:

**Original recipe for All Natural Healing Salve is from one of my FAVORITE blogs, Camp Wander!

1  Cup Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
1  Cup Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4  T. Beeswax Pastilles (Available from Spark Naturals, too!)
1/2 t.  Vitamin E oil (optional)
5, 4 oz. glass mason jars (Ball brand, can be found at JoAnn's or on Amazon)

To each jar add:

20 drops Spark Naturals' Jeddy's Blend
1/2  teaspoon Vitamin E oil (optional)

Fills {5} - 4 oz glass mason jars or small glass jars of choice.
Apply to hands, wrists, arms, feet, legs...ANYWHERE!

Melt the coconut, olive oil and beeswax in a warm bath, stirring with a knife every few minutes until melted.

This will take at least 15 min, you want a slow melt.

Add the Jeddy's Blend  to the empty jars and pour into glass jars of your choice and let cool.

Put a paper towel over the jars while cooling and wait to cover with lids until completely cooled down.  Shelf life is approximately 8 months.

Want to make your own? GO FOR IT!!
Be sure to order your Jeddy's Blend from Spark Naturals by clicking on the product names above. THEY ARE LINKS :)