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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arthritic Dog Treatment with Essential Oils

It's "LOVE YOUR DOG" week here at Curly Loves Essential Oils! I have two doggies named Oscar and Olive...can you guess what breed they are? Wiener Dogs! Here's a picture of them. Aren't they totally adorbs?! Olive is the little peanut on the left and Oscar is the big boy on the right. LOVE THEM!

My first post is dedicated to all the senior doggies out there. It just breaks my heart to see dogs in pain from arthritis. As you may know, arthritis in dogs is just as serious and painful as it is for humans. So why don't we always treat it in dogs? Good question! There's no excuse not to, but sometimes the fear of a high vet bill keeps us from taking our pets in for treatment. Well, I have something that is inexpensive, effective and soothing for your doggy!

Here is what you'll need:

Here's what you'll do:
  • In a small bowl, mix the rosemary, lavender, ginger and fractionated coconut oil gently. 
  • Poor some of the mixture into your hands and begin GENTLY massaging the affected joints of your dog. Be sure to work through their coat to get to the skin. Cover the whole of the legs, spine and vertebrae. 
  • Continue to pour a little bit of the mixture into your hands as you continue to massage your dog's body. Use it all up! :) They love the massage and it will help them so much!

This can get messy, leaving their fur looking greasy and "weird." Don't worry! The formula is good for their skin and OK for them to lick off....which they will do. That's FINE! Let them do it! It will allow the essential oils to get to their digestive system helping to detox them of toxins.

Whip up this formula each night and massage them with it right before bed. Here's to a happy dog!

Take care of your buddies. They love you :)

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  1. Nice piece of information…!!! We love to play and do things together she used to follow me all around the house and keeps me company. From last five days I noticed that she sit stiff and feel pain while walking. I get worried and take him to the vet he told me that she needs dog joint supplements, because her joints are getting weak due to her emergent age.