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Friday, April 25, 2014

NEW Spark Naturals Digest Essential Oil Blend


YIPPEE!! Spark Naturals now has an essential oil blend completely dedicated to digestion. Digest Blend is HERE!

There are several essential oils that assist our bodies with digestive issues. Spark Naturals has created a Digestive Blend using a proprietary combination of the best essential oils for the many aspects of digestion issues. 

Digest can assist you in preventing, restoring and maintaining a normal balance with your digestive system. Digest is a blend of Lemon, Spearmint, Myrrh, Fennel and Ginger is a powerful combination with specific attributes to cover a wide range of troubles.

Spark Naturals is a pharmagrade essential oil company. That means all of the essential oils and blends are SAFE for consumption. Digest Blend is no different. Feel free to use it in a diffuser, breathe it in from the bottle, apply it to your skin or drink it in some water or tea.

Alright, now...what can we do with this fabulous new blend? LOTS! Check it out:

How to use Digest Blend:
  • Take Digest after eating or on an empty stomach to aide in digestion: 2 drops in a shot glass of water.
  • Got indigestion: Rub Digest on your wrists.
  • Nausea, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, food poisoning, acid reflux, gas, gloating? No problem!: Rub Digest in a clockwise motion on your stomach and on your wrists.
  • Cold, sinus infection?: Apply Digest on the sides of your nose, forehead and cheeks (sinus area) to relieve all that yucky congestion.
  • For Ulcers: Add 2 drops each of Digest, Oregano and Lemongrass in a Spark Naturals Veggie Capsule 3 times a day to heal the ulcer.
  • Menstrual Cramps and Constipation: 2 drops of Digest and 3 drops of Marjoram on the stomach as needed.
Not sure about trying Spark Naturals because you usually order from another essential oil company. Digest is a comparable essential oil blend to the following major essential oil companies blends....but less expensive, always in stock and fast shipping. Learn more about why I chose Spark Naturals over the other essential oil companies HERE.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spark Naturals Essential Oils: Why I Made the Switch

Spark Naturals is a relatively new essential oil company compared to some of the other brands out there. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider them! Am I right?

I started experimenting with essential oils a little over a year ago when I was trying to find something, ANYTHING, to help my son. He has high functioning Autism and was struggling with major behavior issues at school and at home. I knew he needed something to help him control his frustration, anxiety and sudden out bursts that were triggering major blow ups. I didn't want to put him on medication, but I wanted something that was natural. I searched the internet day after day, looking for ANYTHING I could try. That's when I found Jeddy's Blend. Spark Naturals had recently begun offering Jeddy's Blend, which was created by Dori from the blog Riches to Rags. She created this essential oil blend for her son, Jeddy to help him focus and had seen a drastic change in his behavior. I did my research on what brands were available and what other oils I could try on my son, but settled on Spark Naturals after reading all of the Jeddy's Blend testimony's on Dori's blog. You can read my Jeddy's Blend Testimony HERE.

Here's a picture of my little guy, Jamie :) This was him after using Jeddy's Blend for just one month...one month! Happy, healthy and excited to start 2nd grade!

There were several factors that pulled me into Spark Naturals: 1.) they are inexpensive 2.) they offer better quality, pharmagrade essential oils then many other companies out there, 3.) there is never pressure to buy 4.) they have coupon codes for 10% off that can be used ALL THE TIME!! and 5.) they are a small, non-multi-tiered sales company. All five of these points convinced me to try Spark Naturals Essential Oils.....and I've been a "Sparky" ever since...I even created this blog to celebrate my love not only for essential oils, but for Spark Naturals, as well.

I ONLY ever use Spark Natural Essential Oils in the products I make for myself, friends and family because I KNOW they are safe. Spark Naturals has so much information available and their staff are always happy to help you with questions. Just pop over to their website or Facebook page and send them a message. They are always happy to answer any questions you have, be it: "How do I know what a safe dilution level is for children?" to "Why is Jeddy's Blend green?" Seriously! No question isn't worth asking....and they feel the same way.

Why am I doing this post? Well, I have had a lot of folks ask me why I chose Spark Naturals over the other mega essential oil brands out there. I figured I'd answer with a simple blog post, because that's how I roll, ya know?

Have you been thinking about making the switch to another essential oil company or at least try one out? My pal over at Created2Fly created this fabulous comparison chart of several of the mega essential oil companies' oil blends and their equivalent to Spark Natural blends. This should help you out, especially when your mega essential oil company is out of a certain blend you want (which tends to happen quite often I hear). You can just take a peek at this chart, figure out what it's equally comparable blend is from Spark Naturals and then pop over to the Spark Naturals website to order it. Shipping is quick (1-5 days) and they are NEVER, EVER out of oils. EVER!

So .... what are you waiting for? Ask questions, think about the essential oil products you buy and make decisions based off your findings and feelings. 

Happy Easter, My Friends!

**Here's that jazzy coupon code I was telling you about earlier in this post. You can use CURLY at check-out any day, any time, ALWAYS --- never expires --- to save 10% on your orders from 
Spark Naturals!**

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New to Essential Oils? Essential 4 Pack is the Way to Go!


Are you a "newbie" to the Essential Oil scene? It can be super exciting ... and a little overwhelming. "What essential oils should I get?" "What essential oils are the most useful?" "WHERE DO I START?"

I totally get it! I was new to essential oils about a year ago. I struggled to figure out what I should start with. I then started following some blogs that really promoted a few key oils that should be in every "oil-ers" arsenal. Want to know what those are? Here ya go!

**Warning: You are now considered an "oil-er" because you use essential oils. Just so you know....**

Lavender essential oil is known to be very universal for so many issues. Pink eye, rashes, allergies, insomnia...the list goes on and on. Read more about lavender essential oil from Spark Naturals HERE.

Lemon essential oil...awww...one of my favs. Lemon is SO good for those of us that retain water. Add 3 drops to a full glass or water bottle full of water each time you fill it up throughout the day and DRINK UP! It's a natural diuretic. It's also great for digestion problems, headaches, and to help fight infections. Read more about lemon essential oil from Spark Naturals HERE.

Peppermint essential oil is also awesome for digestive issues. Have a tummy ache? Put 1 drop of peppermint essential oil into a shot glass of water and drink it in one "glug." It's also great for headaches. You can rub a drop on each temple, back of your neck and brow line to soothe those pesky headaches. Bye Bye Headache! Read more about peppermint essential oil from Spark Naturals HERE.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
Okay, melaleuca is by far the most amazing HEALING essential oil...in my opinion. Breathe it in to soothe respritory infections. Use it to clean cuts, scratches, boo boos....whatever. It cleans it up and helps your body heal faster and with less scaring. I also use melaleuca on my face. When I have a zit coming on, I place a drop of melaleuca on a cotton swab and then rub it all over the zit. I do this every few hours for as long as I have the zit. I have noticed less scaring, and the zit goes away faster without turning into a giant white head. Read more about melaleuca essential oil from Spark Naturals HERE.

So....this is what I recommend if you are new to essential oils. The Essential 4 Pack Kit from Spark Naturals. It contains a 15mL (BIG) bottle of lavender, lemon, peppermint and melaleuca essential oils in an adorable storage container. The container contains precision cut foam to hold your 4 new oils. Plus, you can use it to take all your oils with you when you are out and about. You will be all set with your standard essential oils AND you will SAVE MONEY!!! WIN WIN! A lot of money actually.

How Else Can You Use Your Essential 4 Pack Kit?
You know what's pretty awesome about these essential oils? You can use them to make BLENDS! I love my L.L.P. Allergy Blend from Spark Naturals. I take 3 drops of the blend in a shot glass of water two times a day instead of taking seasonal allergy pills. I haven't taken an allergy pill in over a year....it works!

But, if you don't want to buy the L.L.P. right away, that's cool! Just use your Essential 4 Pack Kit to make your own L.L.P. Allergy Blend. FOR REAL! Three drops of lavender, three drops of lemon, and three drops of peppermint in one shot glass of water, two times a day. That's all it takes!!

If you buy each of these essential oils in the 15mL size separately, you will spend a total of $63.45. But, if you buy The Essential 4 Pack Kit from Spark Naturals, you will only spend $49.99!!! That's a savings of $13.46... oh yeah! And you can use my 10% off coupon code (CURLY) to save another $5.00!

Sooooo....what are you waiting for? You can do it! Join the movement towards natural wellness with this TINY step. It's worth it! It has literally changed my life!!

Happy Oil-ing My Friends!