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Thursday, May 29, 2014

After Sun Oil & Bath with Essential Oils

::::sigh:::: I am digging this amazing weather we are having in Minnesota right now. My friends...you do not understand how much Minnesotan's worship these days. We literally had cold, snowy weather from November to April this year. That's 6 months of winter. We experienced our first "Polar Vortex" this January. That means it was as cold as the North Pole here for several days. That's -35 degrees FARENHEIT! Not to mention the wind chills of -60 or lower (wind chill is what it ACTUALLY felt like outside. Brrrr! Yeah. Gross!).

As you can see, when we have sun and 80 degree weather, we take advantage. So it's important to keep our skin moisturized and healthy and to prolong our tans as long as possible when we actually do see the sun and heat. That's why I'm writing this post today. It's all about After Sun Oil and Bath. Awwww, doesn't that sound lovely? So here are two recipes to use after a long lovely day of sunbathing!

After Sun Oil

Here is what you will need:
Here is what you will do:
  • In the 2oz. Dropper Bottle, add the essential oils and sweet almond oil.
  • Gently Shake.
  • Apply to your body after sunbathing to prolong your tan, and nourish your skin.

After Sun Bath

Here is what you will need:
Here is what you will do:
  • Fill a 1 cup measuring cup with magnesium flakes or epsom salt. 
  • Add essential oils to the magnesium flakes or epsom salt.
  • Pour the measuring cup containing the magnesium flakes/epsom salt and essential oils under hot running bath water.
  • Climb in and soak for 30-40 minutes (just like a Detox Bath).
  • Drink ice cold water and relax!

Enjoy the sun! 

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