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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Struggle with Anxiety? Me too!

I have always struggled with anxiety. Even in childhood, I was deemed a "worry wart" long before I knew what that was. I can remember being so scared to go to school, I would cry and cry until my mom could talk me down from my anxiety filled moment. In first grade, I would bring a photo of my mom, my stuffed Ernie doll and my two baby blankets (people blanket and lion blanket) to school with me every day. They helped me get by. Luckily, I had a very understanding 1st grade teacher (Mrs. Goldner).

But, now that I'm an adult, it's not so easy, or accepted, to carry around a picture of my mom, Ernie doll and baby blanket. Yah know? I have always taken a lot on at one time. For instance, right now, I have a full time job, I'm taking 4 college courses, I make and sell jewelry on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/CurlysOwlParliament), I operate this blog, and I have a husband and son to care for. Things are always very busy for me! But, I like it that way.

Anxiety comes in many forms. For me, its the feeling of being overwhelmed. I get shaky and feel like I'm about to erupt with tears. I feel like I am on this huge adrenaline rush that won't end. What's helped me emencly is HerbaLife's 'Relax Now' supplement. It's an all natural, high quality supplement that can be taken once or twice a day to, well...RELAX! I take one each morning. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my mood. Sure, I still feel anxious, but it's tolerable now. I also discovered a Spark Naturals blend called "Jeddy's Blend." This blend was specifically designed for people with ADD, ADHD and/or Anxiety. Ding Ding Ding! I had to try it!

Because I love a deal....who doesn't right? I bought the Back to School Kit that Spark Naturals is offering right now HERE.

I got a 5mL bottle of both Jeddy's Blend and Shield (which I talk about in the Down with the Sickness post from a few days ago. The kit also came with 2 roller bottles for easy application and a really nice carrying case! Pretty slick and a GREAT DEAL! (Plus, use coupon code CURLY to save an extra 10%!!)

Order SOON! Spark Naturals discontinued selling this on September 1st but brought it back for a VERY LIMITED time due to high demand! Buy this before it's gone!!! It's a $42.00 value for just $33!! (Less than $30 if you use coupon code CURLY to save 10%!!)
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I thought I would try it on both Jamie (that's my son) and myself to see what sort of results we both had. My son Jamie has high functioning autism. You would never know it if you met him on the street but he has a few things that he needs some help with, like behavior and concentration.

So, each morning, I roll on a 50/50 mixture of Jeddy's Blend and Fractionated Coconut Oil onto Jamie's feet bottoms, toe bottoms, wrists and neck to help him concentrate (I do the same to myself). It took a few days (the second day I tried Jeddy's Blend on him, he had a huge out burst at school), but he has had PERFECT days since then. Last year, we were struggling with behavior issues at school nearly EVERY DAY. Even if Jeddy's Blend helps Jamie get a few good days in each week, I'm happy! More importantly, so is he :)

I have also experienced some help with "turning off" at night by applying Jeddy's Blend before I jump into bed. Sometimes I keep myself awake with thinking about or worrying about what's coming up the next day. Jeddy's is helping me, too! YES! Plus, Jamie and I smell fantastic! It has a cologne type smell too it, sort of "woodsy." LOVE!

You can also buy Jeddy's Blend individually from Spark Naturals HERE. (Pssst, it a better deal to buy the Back to School Kit while it's still available.... just sayin').
Be sure to use coupon code CURLY so save 10%!

So, to conclude my story.....TRY JEDDY'S BLEND if you suffer from anxiety. It WILL help!

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