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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Restless Leg Syndrome

Burty (that's my husband's pet name) has a bit of an issue with restless leg at night time. Okay, it's not a bit of an issue, it's actually a BIG PROBLEM. Now, I usually sleep like a dead person but when his legs start moving like he's doing the electric slide, I wake up. Which leads to a poor nights sleep for me. It also wakes him up, which leads to a horrid nights sleep for him, and usually a day of being exhausted. He has been on medication for this for about a year now. The meds have helped greatly, but recently he ran out and had forgotten to refill his Rx. I asked him to participate in an experiment with me. I read somewhere on the world wide web, that a couple different kinds of essential oils are wonderful for restless leg syndrome when applied topically (that means you rub it on your skin in certain super absorbent areas). I asked Burty if he would be willing to give up his restless leg movement pills for a little bit to try essential oils. Of course, being the wonderfully supportive husband he is (insert gage and eye-roll here), he agreed.

Some of the essential oils that kept showing up in my research as working well are chamomile, frankincense or lavender. But, the one that stood out the most was BASIL. I also found that it was pretty darn cheap (Spark Naturals---my favorite essential oil company---sells a 5mL bottle HERE for just $6.30.) So, I picked up some basil EO (essential oil) and some FCO (fractionated coconut oil---which you can pick up for just $9.20 from Spark Naturals HERE)....oh and a roller bottle, which I also bought from Spark Naturals for $1.25 HERE. I then did a 50/50 mix of the basil and FCO in the roller bottle and shook it up.

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So...when I presented it to Burty, his first reaction was...."OOOOO I like the bottle." Probably because it's this beautiful gem stone blue color. That night, I had him roll it on the back of his knees, the back of his calves and the bottoms of his feet and toes. Now, if you are a carb lover like me, you will enjoy the smell of the basil...because it will make your room temporarily smell like spaghetti sauce! Yes, spaghetti sauce. It's quite nice to go to bed to if you ask me. The scent doesn't last long because it sort of get's smothered by the blankets when he covers his legs but, those 5 minutes when his legs are exposed to the air and are covered in the basil EO....HELLO! Delicious!

Okay Okay...enough with my gushing about spaghetti smells. On to the results.

Well, I asked him the next morning and he said..."I don't remember." Which means.....HE DIDN'T WAKE UP ALL NIGHT! Now that's a first. So...he tried it again the next night. Same results! He has been using the mixture I made him for about 2 weeks now with great success. The Rx for his restless leg movement will not be refilled any time soon :) YAY FOR NO PILLS!

So, my advise here is. If you or someone you know has restless leg syndrome, get them on this essential oil. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

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