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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Essential Oil Water

Lemon Water is Good For You!
Do you know about the benefits of putting lemon essential oil in your water? I didn't, until about a year ago. I was reading online about how amazing lemon essential oil really is!
Drinking lemon essential oil in water, on a regular basis, is highly beneficial. This is a powerful, internal body cleanser that brings noticeable improvements to the skin. Lemon essential oil is exceptional for the lymph system, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen. It is also a great way to prevent kidney stones! OUCH! Not to mention these other benefits: detoxification, strengthens nails, helps digestive problems, soothes sore throats, rids bad breath, helps ease cold and flu symptoms, great for allergies, and a natural stress reliever. OOF-DA! That's quite the power house essential oil!
So, are you convinced that drinking 8 cups of water a day with 2-6 drops of Spark Naturals Lemon Essential Oil is a good idea? Huh? Do ya, Do ya?! Well it is!
Wondering what it tastes like? Well, when you add the lemon EO to your water bottle (WARNING: ONLY use steel or glass water bottles with lemon EO), it will smell like fresh squeezed lemonade, but when you take a sip, it will taste like water with a lemon wedge squeezed into it. It's very subtle and yummy. I drink it every day, all day.
Are you ready for it? Here it comes.....
Okay, that wasn't very exciting....
Step One: Purchase or use a steel or glass water bottle you are comfortable using all day long.  I bought a glass one made by ZULU at Target not too long ago. It was only $14.99 and is excellent quality. Here's what it looks like....mine is a cool hot pinkish/purple color. Pretty jazzy! For a water bottle....
Step Two: I have also heard great things about the steel HydroFlask bottles. They are a little pricey but they will keep your hots hot, and colds cold for 24 hours.
Step Three: Next, buy PURE Lemon Essential Oil. DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP CRAP FROM THE GROCERY STORE! Spark Naturals Lemon Essential Oil is high quality, therapeutic grade and safe for internal consumption. Buy it by CLICKING HERE. I recommend the 15mL bottle because you will be going through this quickly if you are drinking it all day every day...YEP! Good thing its cheap! ;)

Plus, use coupon code CURLY at checkout to get 10% off!

Step Four: Finally.....DRINK UP, BUTTER CUP! 8 cups of water a day is best. Fill up your tall water bottle 3 times a day and you'll be set! Easy Peezy...LEMON SQUEEZY! hehehe get it? get it!?

 The End :)

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