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Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY Gifts for Chicks

This is the year to give the gift of wellness! I have decided that many of the gifts I give to my family and friends this year will be based on essential oils, in some way. Be that, handmade, or bought. What are some great gifts to give to family and friends that are inexpensive, useful, and LOVED! Anyone can buy a gift for someone, but if the recipient doesn't think it's useful or lovely, WHY BOTHER? I have always found great joy in giving gifts that have meaning to the people I love. It makes me so happy to see them love something I spent time making or picking out just for them.

That's what this post is all about! What are some great DIY gifts that your would love to give and love to receive. Let's get started!

All Natural Healing Salve
I started making the all natural healing salve from a recipe I found on Camp Wander. It's an amazing blog with GREAT essential oil ideas. The salve has worked wonderfully for my dry hands and feet but has also worked wonders on some of my friends psoriasis and chapped lips! It has amazing uses. You can find the original Camp Wander All Natural Healing Salve recipe and post here.
Bath Fizzies
Aren't these cool!? Who knew you could make something that every woman would love with a few simple products you can purchase through Spark Naturals (essential oils) and some general cooking supplies! This is way too cute! I found this recipe from The Thrifty Mama blog. Here's the original recipe for DIY Bath Fizzies.
Bees Wax Candles

These are just gorgeous and make a great gift to bring to the hostess for a Christmas Party. And sooooo simple! Check out the recipe from Oh Happy Day Blog here.
Vanilla Extract
Heck yes! DIY Vanilla Extract! Who knew it was this easy? And it includes BOOZE! HELLO? This is too good to be true! Check out the recipe here from Bethany Actually blog.

Dahlia Corsage
Isn't this darling? What a cute gift to give some of your lady friends at a Christmas gathering! My mom actually made these last year and they turned out WONDERFULLY! Here's the original instructions from Megan Reardon. Check out how some of the variations my mamajamma's made using wool felt below:

Flower Essential Oil Diffusers
Are these not the cutest!? My mom is actually making these too. Usually when I find something like this that I really want to make but know that I would totally F it up, I give it to my mom to do. I buy, she makes. It works! (LOVE YOU MOM!) Check out these step by step instructions from Jen's Ink Spot blog. She made them to be book marks, but on another blog I follow (Created2Fly) she makes something similar to this and uses it as an essential oil diffuser. Attach the paperclip to anywhere in your house or your car air vents, add a few drops of your favorite Spark Naturals Essential Oils, and you are GOOD TO GO!
DIY Essential Oil SMASH Book
I just think this is the coolest thing to give to someone who is starting to dabble in essential oils. Buy a SMASH Book Kit from a craft store (I bought mine at Michael's but they have them at Target too), print out all these great printables from One Good Thing by Jillee blog and put it together for them. OR...if you are lazy, you could just give them the SMASH Book Kit, printable from One Good Thing by Jillee and maybe a bottle of Lemon Essential Oil from Spark Naturals. Who wouldn't love that!?
Alrighty! Now, get to it! Make this Christmas less stressful and more meaningful with inexpensive, DIY gifts that your loved ones with LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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