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Monday, November 4, 2013

Nasal Congestion and Essential Oil Inhalers

Geese honking? Jet plane flying over head? Lawn mower? No No...that's just Bridget blowing her nose....again. So, the big joke at work with my office mates is my constant nose blowing. I must have the most mucusy (not a word), swollen nose holes in the world. I am blowing my nose when I come in from outside, when I get done drinking something warm, when I'm standing still, when I'm sitting....okay okay, basically every minute of the day, I am blowing my schnoz.

I started looking into what I could take instead of my over the counter nasal inflammation/decongestant. I usually buy these little red pills from Target and have to take one every four hours to keep the nasal swelling down. Now, this doesn't really keep me from having to blow my nose, it simply dries out all my boogers and brings down the swelling so I can breathe out of my nose. Dry boogers equals "flappers" or "whistlers." HATE THOSE THINGS! There is nothing worse then blowing and blowing and blowing your nose and nothing comes out because those puppies are practically cemented to the wall of your nose. GROSS...period....exclamation point!!!!!

In my research, I found these little cuties called Aromasticks. My friend and I had a good laugh at first because they do NOT look like they go in your nose....eh um. Know what I'm sayin'?


They are blank inhalers that allow you to put whatever essential oil blend on the wick and make your own "Vicks Nasal Inhaler." They come in a TON of colors, too. Why not just buy a Vicks Nasal Inhaler? Well, they are $3.99 a pop or more, they are petroleum based and I don't know what else is in them. Literally. But, with the Aromastick Blank Inhalers, I can fill with an all natural essential oil and get the same relief...but healthier and cheaper. I ordered them! ON THE SPOT! Plus, I ordered a bottle of Spark Naturals Respire Blend. This blend is specifically made for respiratory issues. PERFECT for my plugged up nose issues.

Once the inhalers came, I put one of the wicks in the inhaler, dripped 5 drops of the Spark Naturals Respire Blend into in the inhaler onto the wick, put the butt cover on, twisted on the cap and shook it a few times to allow the essential oil to disburse over the wick. Good to go!

The best part? This thing literally lasts as much as 6 months! 6 months!!!? HOT DAMN that's awesome! My schnoz thanks you! Wondering what the Spark Naturals Respire Blend smells like? EXACTLY LIKE A VICKS INHALER! YES!

Here's a YouTube video on how to put this together. She uses a different essential oil, but you get the point:

So, go forth and condemn the "flappers", "whistlers," "bats in the cave"...
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Click on the links within the paragraphs above to order these, or click the links below:
Here's the link to the Spark Natural's Respire Blend: http://sparknaturals.com/index.php/eob/respire-respiratory-blend.html

Here's the link to the Aromatic International Aromasticks Inhalers: http://www.aromaticsinternational.com/Blank_Inhalers

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