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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Miracle of Jeddy's Blend....A Mother's Testimonial

Since Jamie went on winter break from school, I haven't been putting his "medicine" on him (Jeddy's Blend). I figured..."Oh, well he's not in school so everything will be just fine." Not to mention we ran out of Jeddy's Blend on the 23rd.

Today, Ryan (my hubby) and I noticed a HUGE issue with Jamie. He started having a few little melt downs since Christmas night...we didn't think anything of it because of all the excitement, but today, Jamie could hardly keep eye contact for more then a few seconds, was super scatter brained, running on his last fume at all moments and just couldn't hold his calm. He was moody...jumping from happy, to sad, to frustrated to almost....well, teenager like (not cool for a kid who hasn't made it to the age of 8). Even my mom noticed something wasn't right with Jamie today when she stopped by. Thank goodness I still had a jar of Jeddy's Blend Salve I made for Jamie. It's what I usually send with him on sleepovers to my mom's house so we don't have to transport a roller bottle of the Jeddy's.

 I promptly slathered the salve all over Jamie's feet, wrists and neck. You should have seen him lying on his bed while I massaged the salve onto his feet. Just this overwhelming sense of calm rolled over his body. Even he knew that he needed his "medicine." 

Jamie and Ryan then went to St. Paul for the Choo Choo Bob's Train Expo for the day as my mom and I spent the afternoon chit chatting and folding my mound of laundry. As soon as Ryan and Jamie returned, I practically darted to the door to look at Jamie and to ask Ryan how he did. I could tell IMMEDIATELY, that Jamie had "changed." He was smiling, excited to tell me about meeting Sir Topham Hat and that he feels much better...."I feel much calmer" were his exact words. 

Ryan reported that Jamie was fabulous at the Train Expo. He had a great time, was calm and happy the whole time without feeling over stimulated.

Before I jumped on the computer, I asked Jamie to help me pick up some of the dryer sheets that were sitting on the floor from folding the laundry. His response a few days ago would have been a loud growl. Tonight, it was "Sure, mommy!"

Thank you Jeddy's Blend and Spark Naturals!!

If you have a child who suffers from ADHD, ADD, or Autism and has similar symptoms to Jamie....
PLEASE try Jeddy's Blend!! It WORKS!!! 

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