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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All Natural Skin Tag Removal with Oregano Essential Oil

Who hasn't ever had a skin tag? Like, for real? It's just naturally something that occurs from skin rubbing on other skin or on clothing. Not much you can do to avoid them, but I have noticed some people are more prone to getting them then others.

For instance, Burty (that's my hubby) has a few around his collar line. He has had this one big one since before we first met (9 years ago). I hate it, and so does he. This stupid thing will NOT go away! I always thought they just eventually fall off on their own, but apparently not this one. If there was a nuclear strike on the Earth, the only things left would be cockroaches and this stinkin' skin tag. I'm tellin' ya!

I found out that Oregano Essential Oil is an all natural skin tag remover! WHO KNEW! So, I ordered a 5mL bottle of Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil HERE and a Spark Naturals small roller bottle HERE. I patiently waited a few days and jumped up and down clapping my hands when it arrived in the mail. I quickly filled the roller bottle with the entire contents of the Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil and gave it to Burty to use every morning and every night. All you have to do is roll a generous amount onto the skin tag and let it be. Nothing else. I did learn that Oregano Essential Oil is photosensitive so it's important NOT to apply it when your body is hot from a shower/bath or if the area will be exposed to the sun. It can turn your skin brown. So, yeah....

Burty started using the Oregano Essential Oil about a month ago. He and I have noticed a significant decrease in size of the skin tag and have noticed it seems to be in the early stages of...dare I say it....FALLING OFF! WOOHOO! I'll keep you posted on the final result.

So, if you or someone you know has skin tags, give them a bottle of Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil and a small roller bottle. Tell to use it every morning and night (do not expose to heat or sun shine) and keep it up until that puppy falls off! DO IT!

Just a note, I know there are other ways to get rid of these things but the idea of going to a doctor, having it cut or burned off, getting a stitch or two (for the big ones)....just sounds horrible. Especially for kids! How much less traumatic would it be to gently rub the Spark Naturals Oregano Essential Oil on twice a day, then to cut it off either at home or at a doctor.... Right?

You can buy all the items you need to rid your body of these creepy skin balls by clicking the links within the paragraphs above.

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