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Monday, August 17, 2015


Introducing... REFRESH from Spark Naturals!

Refresh is a  proprietary blend of Citronella, Cilantro, Melaleuca,White Fir, Lemon, Lime & Wild Orange Essential Oils (with no added carrier oils).

Refresh is Spark Naturals' proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils designed to eliminate contaminates naturally from the air or any cleanable surface. From coughs, sneezes, dirty hands, bug bites or even food germs. These days protecting yourself and your family is more important than ever. Refresh has a cleansing aroma which will quickly take care of any unpleasant odors naturally.

Retail price will be...
15ml - $24.99
5ml - $10.99

But... for a limited time, Spark Naturals is offering the very special introductory price of:
15ml - $22.50
5ml - $9.90

Use coupon code CURLY to save an EXTRA 10% off these introductory prices!
CLICK HERE to ORDER your Refresh from Spark Naturals now!

Image the possibilities! You could run this blend in you diffuser to rid the air of last nights dinner. Or maybe make your own kitchen or bathroom spray to disinfect counter tops and toilet bowls!

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