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Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School with Essential Oils

Well, it’s about that time, isn’t it? Time to go back to school for so many of our children. The transition from summer “hours” to school hours can be quite the shock to the system for adults and children alike. It’s important to take care of ourselves and our children in order to have a great start of the school year.  Spark Naturals wants you and your child to have an awesome school year too. They are offering their annual Back to School Kit! It includes a 5mL bottle of Shield Blend, 5mL bottle of Jeddy’s Blend, 2 roller bottles and a great storage container to hold them all. Look at how fantastic this is! What a great gift for your child’s teachers or a family member who is a teacher! This is a special promotion through Spark Naturals and only lasts until the kits are gone. They sell out fast, too! Stock up fast!

First Day of School Jitters
The first day of school can be a very exciting time for kiddos. But, it can also be extremely nerve racking. I can remember tossing and turning the eve of the first day of school. Capturing a restful night sleep prior to school beginning is hard to do when you’re nervous or excited. There are ways start promoting restful sleep now in anticipation of a great first day of school. Diffusing! Each night, fill your diffuser up with water and 8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Place the diffuser in your child’s room and turn it on. Allow your child to fall asleep to the gentle, soothing scent of lavender. I have a Mirage Diffuser from Spark Naturals, which has a larger water tank. The larger tank allows the diffuser to run for 8-10 hours; PERFECT for night time diffusing! Begin this ritual NOW and keep it up each night throughout the school year to promote restful, calm sleep.

When your child wakes up on the first day of school, what better way to start the day than with a healthy, filling breakfast and a little Jeddy’s Blend! For my son, he loves to have a pancake breakfast on his first day of school, and then get his “medicine.” His “medicine” is actually a roller bottle filled with Jeddy’s Blend from Spark Naturals. I rub it on the bottom of his feet and toes, back of his wrists and on his brain stem (top of the back of his neck, just under his scull). I’ve talked about Jeddy’s Blend so much on my blog. It has truly helped my son focus, control his behavior and excel at school. It’s my number one favorite essential oil! Here’s a link to a past blog post where I share his success story: CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT MY LOVE FOR JEDDY'S BLEND

With the beginning of a new school year, comes new exposures to germs. Teachers do the best they can at cleaning the classroom before the students arrive but as soon as those kiddos plop their bottoms down in their desks, the germ fest has begun. But, there is a way to start building up your child’s and your own immune system before the brigade of germs comes home! Shield Blend! Shield Blend is just that! A “shield” between you and those nasty germs that some house infest our children and home within weeks…scratch that…days of school starting. For adults, I recommend taking 3 drops in a shot glass of water each morning and evening. It tastes like cinnamon! YUM! For children, I recommend applying Shield Blend to them topically. Simply fill a roller bottle half with Shield Blend and half with Fractionated Coconut Oil (Shield Blend has some “hot” essential oils that can be irritating to sensitive skin, so it’s important to dilute to a 50:50 ratio with a carrier oil when applying to children). Apply this blend to your childs forearms or wrists (if you are also using the Jeddy’s Blend regiment I described earlier, put Jeddy’s Blend on the wrists, and Shield Blend on the forearms). Also , have your child take a few deep inhales of the Shield Blend. Ahhhh yes! Delightful!

Studying & Homework
Ew! These two works make me sick with anxiety. I still know the feeling of the constant worry of making sure all the homework is done and that I am prepared for class due to currently being in my senior year of earning my Elementary Education Bachelors of Science degree. As an adult, I have a better ability to sustain the fright of homework and studying. Children on the other hand need help from adults like us to make sure they succeed and stay on task for upcoming events. I don’t care how responsible or hard working a child is, they still need support from an adult to make sure they are on track for success (I’m climbing off my soap box right now). So, what can we do to help them? First and foremost, sit down with your child after school and help them sort through their homework. Ask them to explain what their agenda for the night looks like so you can assess where they need help. When your child is ready to begin their school work, plug in the diffuser! Select a blend that will be their unique “study blend.” Only diffuse it when there are studying and doing homework. Studies have shown that diffusing or smelling a particular scent while completing school work or studying for an exam and then smelling the scent again right before the exam begins triggers memories of the material and promote better results on exams! How amazing is our brain!? My favorite study blend is Lavender Essential Oil, Wild Orange Essential Oil and Patchouli Essential Oil. It’s a unique smell that is soothing and warm. Add 2 drops of Lavender, 2 drops Wild Orange and 2 drops Patchouli to the diffuser, plug it in and let it run near your child as their do their homework. The next morning, send them to school with a small rag, wash cloth or cotton circle pad (those disposable ones near the cotton balls at stores) with the same blend dropped onto the pad. Pop the pad into a Ziplock baggie and throw it in their back pack. Tell your child to take a whiff of it throughout the day. There ya go! Simple as that!

 ~~And that’s it my friends! I hope you and your child have an AMAZING first day of school! Let me know how these routines work for you by posting a comment here or you can send me messages on Facebook. Simply search “Curly’s Owl Parliament” on Facebook and LIKE my page J

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