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Monday, July 7, 2014

Health Benefits and Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense...what's the first thing you think of? I bet you said the Three Wise Men didn't you? Well, there's a good reason why one of those wise men brought Jesus the gift of frankincense! This essential oil is the grand-daddy of essential oils. The big EO, if you will. No one should be without this wonder of nature.  

A person can use frankincense for their immune system, oral health, as an astringent, gas build up, scaring, anti-aging, digestive tract, symptoms of and problems with menstruation and menopause, as a tonic, for respiratory issues, use as a diuretic or even use for anxiety and stress. See what I mean? Sort of the "no brainer" "go to" essential oil. There have even been recent studies that show frankincense could prevent cancer in folks.**

Check out this AWESOME article by Organic Facts that details all of the amazing uses of Frankincense essential oil. Along with some interesting facts about how it is harvested and distilled and some historical nuggets, too.  

 Try these easy uses for Frankincense Essential Oil Today!:
  • Got itchy skin? Apply a drop to that itchy spot for quick relief.
  • Got a scar from acne, a boil or an injury? Apply a drop to the scar daily to help fade the appearance. 
  • Got a cut? Apply a drop to the cut daily until healed.
  • Got a wart? Apply a drop to the wart several (3-4) times a day until that pesky wart goes away. 
  • Got inflammation in your body? Add 2 drops to a shot glass of water and gulp it down daily. If this freaks you out, apply a drop or two to the area experiencing inflammation.
  • Got to be around sick people or kids? Strengthen your immune system by taking 2 drops in a shot glass of water daily (or apply to the bottom of your feet if drinking EOs freaks you out).
  • Got bug bites? Apply a drop to the bug bite to reduce swelling, stop itching and promote scar fee healing. 
  • Got reading glasses? Eliminate the need for reading glasses by applying frankincense around the eye area (on cheek bones and brow bones). Keep it up for a few months to see improvement. 
  • Got broken, thin nails? Apply to nails nightly to improve thickness and health of nails.
  • Got cysts? Apply a drop to the cyst 2-3 times a day until it's gone.
  • Got wrinkles? Apply a few drops to wrinkled areas (hands, face and neck).
  • Got cancer running in your family genes? Frankincense is anti-tumoral! Drink a drop or two a day in a shot glass of water to fight evil cancer**

**I'm not a doctor. Please remember this. This is my blog where I share information about topics I am interested in. The opinions in these articles are simply that...my opinion and my sharing of knowledge I have obtained.


  1. I'd like to hear about the benefits of using the oregano essential oil.. Can you list some for me?

  2. Thanks for the post request! I will be happy to write a specific post regarding Oregano for you! Stay tuned! Until then, I suggest taking a peek at the Oregano essential oil listing from Spark Naturals. It lists all the properties it is good to use on. My husband uses it to remove skin tags :) That works!