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Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy 25% Off EVERYTHING!

WOOHOO! Happy Independence Day, 'Merica! 
Let's celebrate with 25% off at Spark Naturals! 

Everything at Spark Naturals between today and July 5th is 15% off the original price. THEN, use my coupon code (CURLY) at check out to get ANOTHER 10% off of everything in your order for a whopping 25% off!!! THAT'S AN AMAZING DEAL! 

Time to stock up!

Here's an example: If you purchase Sanity Saver Kit from www.sparknaturals.com, the price has already been reduced from $54.99 to $46.74 with the automatic 15% off they are offering this week. Now, go to check-out and type in coupon code CURLY and get another 10% off that to bring the price of this amazing kit down to just $42.07! That's a savings of almost $13! 

Did I mention you get FREE SHIPPING if your order totals more than $55! That's just one of those amazing deals that Spark Naturals offers every day. LOVE! I often ask several of my friends if they want to place a group order so we can get free shipping, especially if I just need to order one or two items that won't add up to $55. Group those orders, ladies! It's a heck of a deal!

Stay Oil-ey, my friends!


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