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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dry Winter Skin?

Dry winter skin, especially on our faces can be so painful. Right now in Minnesota, we are being hit with subzero temperatures, and wind chills from -30 to -40. It's cold! And windy! And DRY DRY DRY! I have been fighting off the after effects of having Influenza-A for several weeks now, which includes a lot of nose blowing....which makes my nose skin dry and chapped, along with the skin on my cheeks where the Kleenex touches when I blow my nose. I also have some dry spots right over my eyebrows and at my hair line. I'm a mess!

Fractionated Coconut Oil to the Rescue!

I hate using traditional lotions on my face. I tend to break out with zits, especially on my chin. I needed something that could help moisturize my skin and protect it from becoming even more dry. Not to mention, help the dry skin heal. I decided to pull out my Spark Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil and try putting that on my face. It's not heavy so it doesn't feel like traditional lotion, and it won't clog pores which is great for folks like me that are prone to break-outs.

Simply apply about a dime to quarter size amount to the dry areas on a clean face each morning before applying make-up. I even put this on my 8 year old son who also has dry skin around his nose. It makes both of our skin look so healthy!

Want to Add Essential Oils?

If you want, you can add one drop of Geranium Essential Oil from Spark Naturals to the dime/quarter size puddle of Fractionated Coconut Oil you put in your hand before applying to your face. Germanium is a great Essential Oil for all types of skin and is great to help with wrinkles, drying, dark spot and more! Plus it smells like flowers!


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  1. I need to try something like this. I'm from a dry state, and I didn't realize that it wasn't normal to constantly have cracked and bleeding hands until I took a vacation to Costa Rica one summer. Now that I know what healthy skin should feel like, I don't want to settle for the dry skin I have. http://www.orlandoessentialoils.com