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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lose Weight with Essential Oils

Weight loss with essential oils...YES! Who knew, right? I sure didn't, until recently. A friend of mine referred me to a post her buddy made on Facebook regarding her amazing weight loss using essential oils. She has seen amazing results! 33 lbs. in 3 months! THAT'S AWESOME!

I have always struggled with my weight. Up and down, down and up. A constant rollercoaster of loss and gain. Last December, I started a diet and over the course of 8 months, lost over 40 lbs. It was hard work, but it felt SO good. What's the saying? "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?" It's true.

Well, after getting busy again with having college full time, working full time..blah blah blah...I got out of my routine and have put on 13 lbs. since this past August. I have it under control now and have started my routine of preparing meals ahead of time, drinking a lot of water, and now....adding essential oils! I'm ready! Are you??

Alright, let's get to the good stuff. Here is what you will need:
*Fill each Veggie Capsule with the following:
*Put the capsule top back on and gently push it on until it's securely in place.
*Take 1 capsule a day with about 4 oz. of water (or more).

Here's a tip! Purchase glass droppers to put in all of these bottles of essential oils. It makes it SO much easier to put each drop in the capsule. I purchased each of the essential oils in the 15mL size because I use essential oils daily and because it's a better deal when it comes to cost. I then went to AromaTools and found a 6 pack of glass dropper caps for DIRT cheap. (Must be glass, NOT plastic---essential oils can leech chemicals from plastic--not good)

Here's the link to the ones I recommend from AromaTools (click the name of the product listed below...it's a LINK to the website)

~That's it!~

LOVE THIS! So easy! So...what are you "weight"-ing for? hehehe

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